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a sickly morning

So after... I'm not sure if it has been another year since I posted here but yeah.. I went to check my LJ account for the heck of things..

I woke up today feeling unwell... I think my cold has gotten a little bit bad but at least I can still uh walk around the house ^^; ~ My mother left for Bangkok this morning and now I'm just writing in my journal in my not so interesting life?

I changed my layout again and checked my tumblr and twitter statuses. Logged in TM and found it boring once again >.>;

Later I'll go grocery shopping ~ stir fried squid and chicken lollipops ~ yey~ >.>; Need to practice~! Good thing those two dishes don't need stocks :I ...

And.. I want to watch Harry Potter but no more tickets... D:

PS: Maybe I should buy potatoes too for warm potato salad yes..?

PSS: The question is, will I be able to cook.. I really dont feel that good ^^;
So uh... hello live journal account... it's been like a year... or more than a year since I posted...to you..

Why did I come back here? Well mostly because I'm bored and not sleepy. Yes, its currently 2:55 am and I'm still awake...whooppeeedddoo... T_T

Actually, right now I'm reading Laine's fanfiction on FF.net... ^__^ it's really long though I hope I finish it before sleep overtakes me...

That is all... no one bothers to comment here anyway...

Evil video uploader...

So I watched this Pokemon movie online in this website. And it was at the end of the movie already where they were about to show the credits and stuff..then all of a sudden the video stops and this phrase comes out "You have watched 72 minutes of video today, please wait 54 minutes...etc" Basically its saying I should wait almost an hour just to watch the last few minutes of the movie....

"Holy..Sh.... GAhh!! Stupid pile.....of...!!" (insert lots of cursed words here) I wanted to just smash something...or shoot something...!!

Seriously, there expecting me to wait 54 minutes just to watch the 4 minutes I missed throughout the entire movie.... (more mumbles here)

Damn, now I have to go youtube just to watch the last part...(even if the quality is so bad >.< )and I have to wait again just for the video to load...

(Stupid evil....)

I should have just gotten a DVD of this....


still no sign..subasekai

Still, no sign of new hasesila pics/fiction... Why is the world so cruel..?! I need hasesila love!! >.< And yet, im still working on the doujin. (Wahh, I wish it was good thou / I want a scanner)

Oh yeah, completing subaseka (short for subarashiki kono sekai) and is trying to collect secret reports now. Tis so hard to find those reports and level up pins! And killing pig noise!

Lastly, Kyou kara maou 3rd season is out (actaully since last month) and me was watch now..! See ya!

The world ends with you

I just finished "Subarashiki Kono Sekai" two days ago. The plot was very interesting although it was confusing to play it at first. Neku Sakuraba is now one of my favorite characters :D (A little bit emo and self centered but who cares? He changes throughout the progress of the game) So basically Im bored again and thats why Im posting in my LJ... which nobody reads (sobs ;_; Hey Im not emo at all!)

Ps: I need to be released from boredom... Wahhh.. ;_;

Phoenix Wright mania!!

Who is to blame for my latest addiction..? I blame one of my best friends for this! XD Dont worry, delphinus_1800.. Im not mad..Im actually glad you got me addicted to this game or more like revived my interest in it.. (Ive played the game before and wasnt able to get past through until delphinus_1800 helped me ~ Thanks for that!) Phoenix is so sarcastic and the rest of the characters makes it more enjoyable to play.. The twist and turns of every case is baffling and you cant help but be sucked in..into their universe! (Hmm... I wonder... Did that sound right?) Anyway, I love this game! Anyone who reads this, If your into games that requires your noggin and you simply enjoy solving puzzles and what not I suggest you try this game! Of course, its only available if you have a nintendo DS.. XD (hint: get one now!) XD

I sound like im advertising the game and the ds themselves..Ahahahaha XD

Swtiching customizations..

I switched my layout of my LJ yet again.. It seems I cant find the "one" So I settled for this one.. Its simple and clean (Isnt that a Utada Hikaru song.. XD) Im still working on my doujin...
(the hasesila one..) Im having trouble trying to draw what I want to draw in that panel... (scratches me head) Tis so hard! Im so bored at my house.. XD

Tis hard to find good pics

Ive been trying to find the continuation of this hasesila doujin, I found the other day.. *sigh* Tis sad because I cant find it anywhere, although I havent looked at japanese sites(I cant understand it though >.<) I wish I knew how to read jap.... Oh well.. Ill just continue mine wahahahahaha XD

community..just joined

I just joined a commmunity of my favorite pairing of all time! Im so happy <3 (bounces) I wish I had a scanner so I could post me sketches.. (sighs) Oh well.. i still cant find my Pokemon cartridge for the ds..($%#@#%) ;____; oh well

Looking for haseoXsilabus stories

Yesh...Im back with new found addiction... That addiction is making and looking for haseoXsilabus stories. There are not enough I say! Not enough stories out there..(sobs) I'm currently making one along with my other soraXroxas story (which is on hold because I have lost inspiration to write not that anyone cares..) And yey I finally uploaded my userpic..hooray!!! (after a freaking year!) Oh well..thats all I have to say... XD